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If you need any additional information, you can write to us at opentalent@bbva.com.

General information

What is BBVA Open Talent?

BBVA Open Talent is an international competition specialising in the FinTech sector that looks for solutions with the most disruptive potential in the industry in order to improve the way people and companies manage their finances.

In 2018, we want to find companies across the world who are working on the most innovative solutions to overcome these challenges.

Our 2017 edition had over 700 candidates from 77 different countries.

What kind of startups are eligible to register for BBVA Open Talent 2018?

Registration is open to FinTech or FinTech-related startups that at least have a demo or beta prototype, and that were incorporated from the 1st January 2012, onwards, and that had a turnover of no more than €3 million in 2017.

If I applied to previous editions can I apply again?

Yes, as long as your startup continues to meet the registration requirements and you haven’t won any of the nine previous editions.

What is a video pitch?

A video pitch is an audio-visual presentation that helps us to assess your startup. The video should be a maximum of two minutes in length, during which time you can tell us about your project in the form of an elevator pitch.


What is the deadline for registering my startup in BBVA Open Talent 2018?

You can register your startup in BBVA Open Talent 2018 from the 27th February 2018, until the 10th June 2018, at 14.00 p.m. (Madrid, Spain time). Registration after that time will not be permitted.

How can I register my startup in the competition?

To register your startup, you must first fill out the registration form, completing all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk. Once you have filled it out, click on “send and accept”. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

How will I know if I successfully registered my startup?

Once you have registered your startup, you will receive an automatic reply email confirming your registration. If you do not receive one, please contact us at opentalent@bbva.com.

Can I start filling out the form, save it, and then finish it later?

Yes. The form can be saved once the basic information has been filled out (Company name and contact email), which are marked with a double asterisk (**).


 How do I know the evaluation phase that my startup is currently in?

After completing the registration form on the website, you will receive an email at the address you provided informing you of your project’s status. You can also consult this information in the Startup Zone (a private area that you will have access to once you register).


When and where are the winners announced?

The finalists will be announced on the 10th July 2018 on the following website: https://opentalent.bbva.com/. The winners of all three awards will be decided during the international BBVA Open Summit event.

What are the competition prizes?

For the tenth edition of BBVA Open Talent, three big prizes will be awarded:

  • Future Disruptive FinTech: to the solution that shows the most potential for transforming the financial industry in the next ten years.
  • Future People FinTech: to the solution that has the most impact on the lives of people and how they manage, protect, or understand their money and their data.
  • Future Business FinTech: to the best solution for helping companies to be more efficient, effective, and secure.

Each of them will receive a prize of €50,000. In addition, based on the needs we detected in the thousands of startups that have taken part in the last nine editions, we will be offering the winner (and 29 other participants) a lot more from the experience.

They will be invited to an Immersion Week at the BBVA headquarters in Madrid, where we will work with them to give them support, helping them grow and find investors and clients. The startups will also be given the chance to work on a proof of concept (PoC) to develop a business plan with BBVA as a potential client.

What is the Immersion Week?

The Immersion Week consists of work sessions to advance pilot projects, collision days between BBVA and the FinTech ecosystem, and networking sessions. These five intense days have become one of the most coveted prizes by previous years’ winners.

This initiative offers the chance for a true rapport to be formed between BBVA, the finalists, and the winners of BBVA Open Talent. The program gives participating startups and BBVA the opportunity to share experiences, learn, and help each other to grow and improve.

Immersion Week is proof of just how fruitful it can be for a global digital organization like BBVA to come together with companies that are at the cutting edge of banking innovation.



What is BBVA Open Summit?

It is an exclusive event where BBVA brings together pioneers and leaders in numerous different fields of technology and innovation. It consists of three days of masterclasses, workshops, startup pitches, performances, and interactive experiences. It offers a varied programme of events to give attendees the chance to explore and gain a greater insight into the world of financial services.



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BBVA Open Innovation
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